Delivery - the FREE online ordering and delivery system

Local Delivery by is a delivery solution that the neighborhood economy can get behind. allows customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, wine merchants, grocery stores, and other recognizes that ecommerce is now integral part of local daily life and we help people shop and support local businesses so they can grow, and neighborhoods thrive. We at are working hard to have every part of your neighbourhood closer to you than ever before.

Edlvrd was born after the Covid pandemic phase. We realized the world was changing dramatically fast and that everything, and we mean everything needed to be delivered due to changing habits, work from home or remote working, and busy lives getting even busier but most of all safety. The on-demand platforms that were emerged have energized the entire globe to procure things electronically and have it delivered right after that or within a reasonable time if not consumed immediately. We thought about the opportunity to make a difference and provide small and mid-size businesses with the technology that the big guys have. E-dlvrd (local Ecommerce Delivered) was the answer and we set off to begin bringing E-Technology, and pairing it with our own driver platform as well as aggregated delivery platforms to fill any City, anywhere in the USA & Canada. We are a Vancouver, Canada & Miami, FL  based Company and believe in the Support Local - Buy Local initiative. We are about saving the Small to Mid-Sized Businesses who serve their Community and ultimately contribute to that very community. We salute those who have survived the tough Pandemic conditions and feel for those who have lost loved ones, or lost their livelihoods due to the economic disaster that fell upon all of us.

We are here to move things better, faster and more efficiently through the use of Technology. Moving Goods and Services at the speed of light but with a touch of the Human spirit that binds us all and keeps us grounded in our Community. Let’s embrace the new dynamics and remove the friction from doing Business and make it better for All!

Let it be edlvrd (local E-commerce Delivered)!


Majid (Mike) Alladina, Co-founder