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skip3rdparty.com - the FREE online ordering and delivery system


Skip3rdparty is passionate about saving the small to mid-size restaurants and revolutionizing the restaurant industry. We know how hard it is to survive.

Don't be taken for a third-party ride by big Wall-Street backed perpetrators. Don't fall prey by their numbers. It's a win for the big guy and lose for you, the merchant.

We want to help democratize the restaurant digitization process across North America.

The world shifted quickly towards online ordering and delivery and is growing.

skip3rdparty.com is here to help you take orders on the fly and keeping money in the bank and saved the commissions normally paid to the third party platforms.

Come partner with us.


Majid (Mike) Alladina, Co-founder
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Mike Alladina


305-735-1063 office

305-546-9800 mobile


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Sasha Pavlovic

IT Manager,Co-Founder

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skip3rdparty.com - the FREE online ordering and delivery system


Go Ahead...It's FREE, ZEEERO Commission Forever!!
If you have any questions, please let us know and we will reach out right away!